How To Earn Points

In this article i tell all of my followers that how can they earn points.

Hi Friends, In this article i will tell you how can you earn points.

It's so easy and fun, just create a new post and you will get 3 Points.

Comment or react to any post then you will get 2 points.

1000 Points are equal to $1.00

Many of us are thinking this is too low but something is better than nothimg so please don't be get negative meanwhile we are using many social media who don't offer us any points and reward system.

To increase this earning what should one can do?

Let's suppose we follow 500 People and all of them do any kind of story posted on welovez.

And we like that post and do a comment and on each post we earn 5 points by commenting and like.

and for 500 posts we earn 2500 points which means $2.5 daily. And this all for what we already do on other social media platforms.

So this is a great initiative and we must spread this idea to all of people.

And this may possible that this is for only special members who are joining welovez in the prelaunch phase.

Thank you for reading my first article

Please share to all of your friends and family.